Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Program

  1. Reduce Your Risk Of Future Heart Ailments And Cardiac Problems
  2. Discover A Natural, Step by Step Solution To Strengthen Your Heart Beyond Relying On Medicines Alone
  3. Improve Your Overall Health By Reducing the Risk Factors That Cause Heart Problems
  4. Boost Your fitness and Improve Quality of Life
  5. Get Answers To Your Cardiac Questions & Concerns and Safely Navigate Your Way Through The Cardiac Rehabiliation Process

Why Should you have cardiac rehabilitation?

If you have experienced a cardiac illness such as a heart attack, heart failure, coronary artery disease or undergone any heart surgery such as an angioplasty, stent, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve repair or replacement, heart transplant, lung transplant or stable angina, it is important to consider cardiac rehabilitation.
Cardiac rehabilitation will improve your heart function and prevent future problems and risk of future cardiac death.

The cardiac rehabilitation exercise program which is an important part of cardiac rehabilitation is adapted to meet every patient’s needs. The therapy is dependent upon the patient’s specific heart problem and other related factors.

Reduces the risk of future cardiac illness, cardiac arrest and death from heart attack: With the right approach to cardiac care, heart nutrition plan and clinical exercise regimen, the risks of possible cardiac illness in the future can be significantly reduced.

A natural solution to strengthen the heart instead of depending solely on medicines for heart problems alone:  Cardiac rehabilitation looks for a natural, holistic process to minimize the possible causes of heart conditions.

Improve overall health by reducing the risk factors that cause heart problems: Cardiac rehabilitation helps the patient bring down risk factors that can trigger a heart problem. The risk factors include high blood pressure, low blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, overweight, diabetes and physical inactivity.

Boost fitness levels and improve the quality of life: Our team of dedicated cardiac rehabilitation professionals puts the patient on a customized exercise program can help reduce the incidence of heart disease.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

What is Cardiac Rehab ?

It can be shocking when you have been told you have heart disease, you might have to redirect old habits and retrain your thought process after being told you have cardiac problems. Heart Fit Clinic clinically supervised program that is designed to smoothly transition you into improving the health and well-being of your heart and body.

Cardiac Rehabilitation programs involve a specific exercise prescription, consultation of a specific nutrition program, education on healthy heart and healthy living, stress management strategies to better reduce stress and blood pressure.

A more technical way of presenting the process is: A set of activities that stabilize and significantly reduce the threat of cardiovascular diseases leading to heart problems or another cardiac arrest is called cardiac rehab.

If you have suffered from a heart attack, have experienced heart surgery, or have been diagnosed with any type of heart disease, cardiac rehab is considered very important for the recovery process. Your heart is the most important organ in the body, and it is very important to keep it healthy, and help reduce your risks as much as possible.  PT Health cardiac rehabilitation program aims to do just that, keep you healthy and safe.

Cardiac Rehabilitation DVD Program

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